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The new downtown paramour

I’m often banging on about looser pleated trousers. They are, after all, a progressive man’s game. Thing is, they’re not common. The flat-fronted-slim is the humdrum standard. While a fuller, pleated cut is the preserve of the new downtown paramour. An erotic bro, a bro of swagger, aptitude and inscrutability – a scholar of the night. The kind of bro that  orders the Aromatic Asian Chicken Soup and some Vegetable Crisps from Pret and never once comments on the price. Utterly inscrutable. A conundrum of a bro. You wanna be that guy right?


Well (and here’s the thing), it’ll only cost you 85 notes. UK brand Son Of Wild are banging these grey/black/fleck numbers out in bargainous style. Onboard things are 100% woolly, they’re packing the usual top button and zip combo, a concealed reverse pocket and, they conform to my personal favourite phase, “a relaxed fit with tapered leg.”


And if you want to extreme yourself with nowness, go same style, but in pale denim.


80s enough for you? I mean, we’re seriously talking Hair Metal roadie-wear here. Totally on point if you’re a lithe, 20-something art student. Not sure they’re part of my personal brand. Still, again, 85 coins will bag you these.


For that price, you wanna get involved. Kick your cloneish slims to the kerb yo. You can be the man that totally owns pleats. Be that man. Combine labyrinthine thinking with a rackish disposition. And never again comment on the price of artisanal flat bread.

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