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Not actual ‘heat’, not a firearm

Bombastic gifing for a bombastic blouson. Yes, I’m unleashing some winter ammunition. It’s live brohiems. It’s on the street. Don’t be stepping to my Nanamica unless you’re packing nuff heat brethren. And by that I mean, you know, a nice jacket or something, not actual ‘heat’, not a firearm. Don’t come near me with that shit. Listen, I’m sorry. I just meant I’ve bought a new coat. I don’t want any trouble. Not my face.

Check this, I’m getting busy down the Natural History Museum like Doctor Wikipedia.


As you can imagine, the hard-stylers down at the Nat-His could hardly keep their eyes on the caveman shit and off my new garm. I basically think the museum staff wanted to ask me to be a new exhibit. They probably definitely did. They must have been too shy or somit.


As with all Nanamica this, Donkey Coat is loaded with primo-features:  65% polyester, 35% cotton, Baycloth fabric. Quilted lining, Primaloft fill, knitted shawl collar, zip and press stud fastening with stormflap, leather minstrel button, loop neck fastening, I could go on…

IMG_0076 IMG_0138 IMG_0165 IMG_0111

The roadtest reveals that yup, Nanamica be the bomb. It’s crazy warm, fits perfectly, pockets and press studs are sturdy and the knit collar looks savage – a different world to penny-pinching, high-street variants. Not cheap admittedly, but, you know, it’s multi-purpose. Ideal for keeping warm. Perfect for out-steezing rival bros. And a dependable choice for standing around museums, wondering why no one’s looking at your coat.

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