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Speaking frankly

It’s an inspiring image. ‘Bum win’. It’s on a toilet wall at Franks rooftop bar in Peckham. Bum win. Bum win. Someone thought ‘bum win’ so clever, it was actually worth writing on the wall, next to a toilet. I mean, it works, right? Assuming it’s critical you ransack your ass of dung, seeing ‘Bum win’, as your befouling commences, might raise a smile. It just seems a little simplistic. A bit base. I would have gone with ‘anal triumph.’

Anyway, I was wearing menswear-clothes at Franks. See them now, if you can be arsed.


Apparatus deployed for an all-dayer at Franks included:

IMG_1720 IMG_1722 IMG_1719

A Post Overalls chore jacket. Unlined, triple-stitch, lightweight cotton and with enough pocketry to carry the usual keys, wallet, phone mix, without undue aggravation. These jackets have a great fit and each season the brand pumps them out in different fabrics, and more chunky, lined versions for colder months. Post Overalls’ say their designs are, ‘deeply rooted in vintage work clothes and other functional garments’. I just find them ideal for navigating urban social occasions.

I’m busting some Perks and Mini chinos too. I’m really down with these.


They’re aggressively pleated, baggy and boast a totally useless, but mad-hype pocket, halfway down the back of one leg. Details like that, kind of, pointless, but a bit subversive, get me every time.

So I was also banging on a EG T-shirt, a Black Fleece belt and some staple Tom Ford specs. And a nice new rose pattern strap for my Timex.


And weirdly, I chucked in an old pair of Kim Jones for Umbro sneakers, that I bought a good seven years ago at least. I still like the leather/suede mash up on the upper, but the soles feel a little thin now – I much prefer a chunkier Spring Court or Eytys.


Pretty successful outfit I recks. It did the job. This paraphernalia saw me through a heavy, six hour, Saturday drinking session. With a load of my boo’s honeys and a handful of bros. On a roof top bar. In Peckham. Surrounded by graffiti celebrating the joys of excretion.

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