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Not impeding action-packed nimbleness


There’s no need to speak of it. You’re amongst friends here. I know, I know… There’s a number of you who feel the same. After reading the distressing story of me buying an Engineered Garments hat that just didn’t look quite right, a few regular readers have struggled to sleep, some have lost their appetite, I understand a few have developed intimacy issues. It was a harrowing tale. But I won’t apologise. These stories must be given voice.

Anyway, as you can see from my revolvingness above, I have a new hat. The last time I wrote about a hat, I blathered on about convincing myself it looked right, when I knew it didn’t. This time, I’m going out on a limb and saying, I think this works. I think it exhibits broadly the correct dimensions for my stupid head. I like the lightweighty-ness, so as not to impede my agility should I be urgently dragging into some kind of action-packed nimbleness. I like the pattern. I like the fact that it’s Norse Projects and it’s got a little label on it that says so. And check this…


It’s a transformer… from patterned to plain in a second.


My only and I do mean only, slight reservation is maybe it’s a tiny bit small, like just by half an inch or so? I’ve just got such an unreasonable, flat-topped canister. I just think on some level, it’s simply not compatible with millinery.


Still, I’ve dropped the required 50 nuts on this, from the scenesters over at Goodhood. And it’s mine. No returns, I’m going to wear it all summer. I’m content now. I’m satisfied. I hope you all believe that. And I hope in some way, knowing that, helps you as you journey towards your own personal peace.

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