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Professional shirt wearers only

MySketch(6)The dude-powder chugging, Toms wearing douche, will shiver the winter months away, queuing outside Infernos in Clapham, in just his shiny shirt sleeves. Of course, the more refined #menswear head wears shirts too. But his are buried beneath handcrafted Japanese cardigans,  sweaters originally worn by Norwegian fishmongers and sweatshirt collaborations between Comme des Garcons and Noggin the Nog.

When it’s cold, pretty much all that is seen of the shirt itself is the collar. This means, ironing can rod off. Crumpled shirts can be worn under stuff and the prevailing school of thought is that, ‘no probs, my body warmth will iron it during the day.’ I have no argument with this idiocy. Primarily because I think it. But let’s leave it there. This is not the time to examine the difference between the exactness of physics and the rank buffoonery of an idle tool.

Basically, warm weather means shirts are important. They need to be ironed.  And they need to carry your steez. Today’s two options are killer – and oddly enough, seem to illustrate a bit of a Japanese trend. Underarm detail.


This one from Sophnet busts hard balls. A bro tumbling out of his blazer and displaying this bonkstrosity is a bro other bro’s will want to be, and probably kiss.


The juxtaposition of everyday, pale blue oxford and stripey camo is bestial. This is not a shirt for amateur shirt wearers. And don’t be thinking because you wear a shirt every day that that makes you a professional. It doesn’t. I don’t know what does. But it’s not just that. It’s definitely more than that. But, as I say, I can’t be exact.

Now check this.


This is The Side Flower Panel Button Down Shirt from Uniform Experiment.


According to End it’s “designed in line with UE’s distinctive personality and approach.” It’s a distinctive personality and approach that looks remarkably like Sophnet’s to me.  But as both brands originate under the same business umbrella, I guess we can let that slide.


It comes in white too. And, you know… that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

As with most of the stuff I post about, the garms look strong, but so are the prices.  What we’ve been looking at are shirts that’ll callously violate your wallet. The Uniform Experiment comes it at 229, while the Sophnet is a positive steal at 219. I can handle the looks. I can roll with floral underarms. But 200 quid plus for a shirt. That’s as hard to swallow as a leather pineapple.

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