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The perfect thing to wear when… you realise you had sausages for breakfast, lunch and dinner


This is a fuck ton of coat. Arguably more coat than one individual should be left in charge of. This coat is so much coat that it doesn’t just come with washing instructions, it comes with an operating manual. I’m not even sure the wearer is legally allowed to drink while inside it. During the manufacture of this coat, two men lost their minds and a third can no longer eat solids. It’s a serious fucking coat is what I’m saying.



Thing is, looking at this coat, you have to wonder how it came to be. It’s almost like during creation, the bros over at Nanamica, made a perfectly respectable blue pea coat, paused, scratched their heads and thought, “there’s something bloody missing here…?” So they decided to add on some black and white bits.

Perhaps they ran out of blue? Perhaps they were just having a giggle? Because if you look at the picture above again, it kind of looks like the jacket should end where the blue ends. And it looks a bit long. Or does it? Now I look again, this thing’s a bit like a magic eye picture. If I stare at it long enough, it looks like that brah is busting a stripy underskirt. Shit dawg, underskirts were like, so last fall.


Anyway, blah blah, operating manual, blah blah, can’t drink while wearing etc… etc… As is increasingly the case, I don’t know if I actually like this thing I’ve picked out. No question, it’d be a game changer for most bro’s wardrobes. But that’s assuming the game you want to play is, ‘Iook at me, I’m wearing a dress under my coat’?


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