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‘Rooster’ what kind of stupid word is that?


Pig and Rooster. Not a cool name. Journal Standard. Brutally cool. Comme des Garcons, Barena, Nanamica. All, violently cool. Pig and fucking Rooster? Are you wise? Who wants to wear clothes with ‘pig’ in the name. And ‘rooster’, what kind of stupid word is that?

“Nice jacket brah, who’s it by?”

“You know… Like… Pig and Rooster.”

I don’t want to be the second guy in that conversation.

I could be the first guy. But, you know, I rarely compliment any dude on his
garb. Unless he’s clearly rocking strugglewear and my compliment
will prompt a reciprocal comment on my getup, so I can then feign surprise and act humble. I’m basically a child.

Anyway, Pig and Rooster. Name sucks. But check out the kit.

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P&R is based in Japan, Hawaii and California. They are all about clothing that feature signatures from each of those locations. They want to create casual wear that has the same attention to detail, preciseness and quality one normally associates with formal attire. American construction, Japanese finesse and Hawaiian surf culture makes for a killer mix.


There is currently no UK distributor for this brand – it’ll be interesting to see who picks it up. It is of course widely available in Japan. And you could try and snag some for yourself via Japanese digital retailer Wonder Mountain. But if anyone asks where you got it, you’re on your own.

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