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Studio Nicholson: Reading Chomsky for fun

As an independent clothing brand it must be an awkward moment when your products are on sale elsewhere, but your sale hasn’t begun.

Thus we find these fantastic Studio Nicholson Henta Shorts still at full price on the brand site, but subject to a 40% carve-up over at Mr Porter. Imagine picking them up at SN and then clocking them on Porter… Brace for massive forehead slap.

Bargainous or otherwise, they’re still a very progressive short. While some quarters of the menswearland are content to bang on about the five inch inseam vs the baggy cargo, Nicholson sidesteps the memes, offering something that defies lazy categorisation.

They’re smart, water repellent and, as you can clearly see, offer large pocket bags that seriously overstep the hem. The result is a silhouette that’s at once slightly confusing and brilliantly cool  — the kind of design that immediately makes you wonder why all shorts aren’t made this way.

For me it’s all about balance. They’re wide, but not too wide. They’re casual, but neat. And the dropped pockets transport them immediately to a quadraverse filled with imperious design obsessives, the remarkably attractive and people who read Chomsky for fun. Exactly where I like to imagine I live.

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