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This is not a garden office

I’m on a self-imposed spending lock. Every item of clothing I don’t buy, takes me that bit closer to being able to afford a garden office. Yep, I know, first world problems, what a cock, more money than sense etc… Well sorry and all that, but still. I want a modernist, glassy edifice. It’s been on my wants list for a long time Yet each month there’s a couple of shirts, a new pair of shoes and a jacket that irritatingly demand ownership, oblivious to the financial hooliganism it reaps on my current account. I need to stop buying stuff I don’t need. I should just enjoy the stuff I have. But for a committed menswearman, it’s tough. Particularly during sale time. Especially when there’s a shirt like this calling to me.

This is over at Alpha Shadows. It’s by Eastlogue (one of my preferred brands) and it’s down from £185 to £130. Which, by anyone’s abacus, is a saving of £55. Of course, it’s not just about the saving though. This short-sleeved, paisley patterned monster has been on my radar all season. I’ve been distracted by (and bought) other stuff, but still the allure of this thing remains. Ostensibly it’s fairly sober, but I think the pattern would punch harder than the pictures suggest. And besides, as well as a full compliment of patch pockets, it’s got a super-freaky mesh pocket thing going on. I love that mesh pocket. Supremely useless, but it also, kind of, makes the shirt. I’d never actually put anything in it. It’d just be reassuring to know it was there.

I spotlight this shirt today in the hope that some of you might share my feelings and ultimately like this shirt enough to buy it. I need the tempation removed. As I say, I want it myself. The more I type, the more I want it. But, I’m never going to be able to build a large glass-fronted garden office out of cotton shirting, even if it does feature a nice split hem with a drop at the back.

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