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An over the head engagement

This boldly striped hooded anorak from Living Concept is available in three colour-ways: olive, navy and beige. The jacket remains the same, but each colour represents an entirely different vibe. Go navy and you’re a six berth yachtsman, with a charter to party and a buoy in every port. Olive is the urban creative; one hand on After Effects, the other buried in a Peri Peri bucket. And beige? You’re shackled for all eternity to the lead weight of your own immaculate good taste; afeared of Ribena spills and cake crumbs, a handheld vacuum holstered and ready.

This is a fairly simple garment, but the kind of thing you probably need in your armoury. You’ve got cotton tape at the hood and the hem to squeeze things in when necessary, a pair of hand pockets and a giant front pocket with snap button closure. The half-zip demands an over the head engagement; simple on a beach or in the park, an exercise in human origami in a crowded pub.


I guess the stand-out here is the stripe detail. None of your fiddly Breton nonsense, just a couple of fat bands, as thick and unswerving as a Ukip member. It’s arguable that the distinctiveness of the stripes might impact frequency of wear – you might want to keep something this noticeable on low rotation. Which is an idea that obviously flies in the face of the utilitarian, every-day nature of the product. But then, if you’re not the kind of guy who understands the need for a different prestige jacket every day of the week, you’re in the wrong place broheim.

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