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If something’s expensive, but you don’t understand it, it’s you who’s the idiot

A big circle on a hoodie. What do you think about that? What kind of statement is it making? What story is it telling? I’ll be honest with you, I have no idea. This top is from Sasquatchfabrix. It’s called “Otentou-Sama”; a phrase that even Google doesn’t seem to comprehend. According to retailer Goodhood, the brand represents, “high-performance vandalism.” Sitting somewhere between, “avant-garde and street fashion”.

It all sounds terribly earnest. When I look at it I just see a hoodie with big circle on it. What am I missing?

I must be missing something because it costs £245. And as we all know, if something’s expensive, but you don’t understand it, it’s you who’s the idiot.

Look closely and you’ll notice that the rim of the hood and the cuffs are frayed. That’s because it’s undergone a “vintage wash treatment”. Don’t get this confused with the vintage washes you might encounter in H&M or Gap. This is definitely totally different and miles better. You only have to look at the price to see that.

Then there’s the circle. Or is it a sun? Or a flower? It’s unquestionably round and features some kind of fronds at the edge. If I was more schooled in high-performance vandalism I might be able to offer more insight. As it stands all I can tell you is that it’s good. Better than a normal circle for at least two reasons. Firstly, because I have no idea what it represents and thus I naturally presume a level of thought and intelligence in the making of it that is beyond me. And secondly it costs two and a half ton.

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