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A simultaneous laugh, wee, poo, ejaculation

Coming on like a mash-up of a 90’s Jessica Tandy movie and Jim Morrison’s Instagram, this jacket is next-next-level shit. It’s by Bode of NYC. They make one-of-a-kind pieces from vintage fabrics. It’s sheer force is difficult to describe. It’s somewhere between a Vulcan mind meld and a simultaneous laugh, wee, poo, ejaculation. This is death and rebirth. This jacket isn’t something you wear, it’s something you is. If you’ve caught the new Alex Garland film Annihilation, this is the Shimmer.

A 1940s American quilt gave its life to make this jacket. It’s handmade, featuring horn buttons and black ribbon trim on the collar and hem. Bode’s website claims it’s made of wool. But I can see the futility of theology, an ontological thesis and a proper explanation of the ending to Disney’s The Black Hole.

This jacket is my lifestyle. In every way.  Save the pricing structure. It’s a grand and a half in US money. Meaning those funded by Her Majesty would need to find at least 1k and change. A serious disappointment. For although spiritually I feel entirely conjoined to this article, my VISA card doesn’t appear to share my belief.

Yes, I can witter on about this. I can tell you that Mode say, “it’s idiosyncrasies are unique to the original fabric.” I can point out the obvious, that’s it’s dry clean only. But really, what’s the point? I can’t own it. And probably neither can you. All we can do is take strength from this encounter. Try and face every day as it comes. Knowing that no matter how hard we try, we’ll never be truly whole.

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