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That’s the end of the story

Hold tight for a gripping tale. I once bought a blazer from b-Store, online, while living in the US. The jacket turned up after a few weeks and the sleeves were really slim. Like triangles, tapering to the wrist. Fine on the body and the shoulders, just with absurdly thin sleeves. So I wore it. I felt a proper dick, but I persevered, assuming I was bringing edgy London style to San Francisco. Years later the guys at OTHER/Shop (formerly b-Store) told me that the jackets in question had in fact returned from the factory a little faulty, the sleeves were too slim. So I was a proper dick. And that’s the end of the story.

The only thing to add is that my jacket was made of exactly the same fabric as this brand new Kaptain Sunshine one. Totally identical. It’s a really great fabric; unusual to get such a darkly toned seersucker. I also note the sleeves on this one look about the right width.

Seersucker tends to be pretty crease resistant, so internationalistas will find this an easy unpack-and-wear option. Assuming of course you’re traveling for leisure, or you have the kind of job that encourages directional businesswear. For while, on the face of it, this is a fairly elementary blazer, tucked inside there’s a little strap which can fasten the jacket in more hubristic fashion. It’s a brilliant detail, the kind of strap-liking weirdness we’re used to seeing at Engineered Garments.

Coming in at 465 dollar dollar bills over at Namu Shop, this is no frivolous decision. However if it helps sway you one way or the other, I would say that my original, identically fabricated, b-Store jacket is still going. Around ten years of service by my reckoning. It’s endured a bequeathment to my girl and the sleeves have been loosened and rolled, but the fabric is as crisp and adorable as the day I bought it. That’s value my friends.



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