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Like a werewolf half way through transformation

This jacket, by Japanese experimentalists 08sircus, is neither one thing or the other. It’s got elements of a blazer, but it’s also got a bunch of goose down insulation going on. In many ways, it’s like that moment in a werewolf movie, half way through the transformation, you know, when it’s basically a hairier than normal bloke with maybe a bit of a jutting out chin and nose. Or, for the aficionados, it’s like the episode of The Incredible Hulk TV series from 1980 called ‘Prometheus’ where Banner got stuck in mid-metamorphosis between Hulk and man. I expect as soon as you saw this jacket, that’s what you thought of. You sad fuck.

FeatherGooseDownJacketNavy7_2048x2048 FeatherGooseDownJacketNavy2_2048x2048 FeatherGooseDownJacketNavy3_2048x2048 FeatherGooseDownJacketNavy6_2048x2048

According to retailer Haven, there’s, “laser cut patterning and precision tailoring”, involved in this badness. There’s also goose down, snap buttons and a couple of pockets in the mix to. Although whether that’s a compelling enough offering to justify the required wedge is a question only the interested individual can address.

FeatherGooseDownJacketNavy8_2048x2048 FeatherGooseDownJacketNavy5_2048x2048

Personally, I think it looks a bit like you’ve got your jacket on inside out. A look that any enlightened bro will attest, can be straight fire. Paying £677 to look like you’ve got your jacket on inside out? Not so much.

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