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Costs around 47 quid more than you might expect

This is the perfect example of a thing that is, by any practical measure, pretty worthless, but I would give at least 76% of my ass to own. It is a bit of cardboard with four decorative pins on it. There’s an eye, a rose, a New York and a hexagon with lines on it. Engineered Garments make this. They only sell it where I’m not.

That said, it does cost 47 quid. Which for something relatively worthless, costs around 47 quid more than you might expect. I could try and proxy service this from Japan, but then I guess, I’d be dropping over 60 quid on four small metal pins. And I’d stick a couple on a blazer and wear them out and someone would say, “oh look, like your pins“, and that would be that. Or maybe I just don’t buy them and just pay a stranger a tenner to say the words, “oh look, like your pins,” at me. I’d be 50 quid better off. I suspect it wouldn’t feel quite the same.

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