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A band from before the words ‘ethically’ and ‘aware’ were invented

In the interest of offering an alternative to the GQ-ified tedium of Dizzee Rascal endorsed mainstream London Collections MEN coverage, here’s an interesting pair of shoes from an interesting cottage brand. I’ve blogged about Story before, but to my knowledge this is their first shoe. There’s a couple of colourways and they’re rendered in a soft and light leather alternative. Don’t think that makes them cheap though. It doesn’t. But it sort of should right? But it doesn’t. So what do I know. Anyway… they’ll make you look like Showaddywaddy, a band from before the words ‘ethically’ and ‘aware’ were even invented.

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So yeah, “100% impermeable, breathable, antibacterial but soft and light leather alternative” – that’s what these are made of. But putting aside the non-leatheryness of these, I do quite fuck with the styling.

Screen+Shot+2015-01-20+at+18.17.18 Screen+Shot+2015-01-20+at+18.17.41

Over on the Story site they say, “they’re a formal shoe that wants to dance.” A description I rather like and will struggle to better. So go check ’em out. Order something. Keep these indie crafts people in business. Without them, menswear looks awfully like Damian fucking Lewis (A-GAIN) in a three-piece suit (A-GAIN).

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