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Don’t give, to receive

With the Yuletide of Yule imminent, a dude’s thoughts turn to others. Specifically, how little he can spend on others. Because, putting to one side the whole goodwill to all, prezzie giving and giblety dinners, there’s another pressing festive issue. What shirt you gonna wear on Christmas day? Don’t underestimate this. Your entire fam-fam will be there, relatives, old friends… this is the annual opportunity to reinforce your status in the family as Detective Inspector Steez.

So keep your outgoings on presents low, so you can max-out on a shirt that in return will reward you with unbridled praise and poorly concealed envy. In other words don’t give, to receive.


If you’re rocking this shirt on Christ’s birthday morn, shit gonna get beastial. No way your Mom ain’t gonna be like, “fuck dawg, yo garms be mad tight.” Your Sis and Bro will be all up in their green-eyed place and Daddy will just  silently give you a pat on the back – a gentlemanly affirmation that the boy did good. Congrats brah, you just won Christmas!


To scale these festive highs, get a lock on this Ganryu merch.  With one eye on classic Comme des Garcons silhouettes, designer Fumito Ganryu has tossed in a marled wool front panel and a monochromatic check on the sleeves, rear panel and hem. There’s explosive, doppelgänger slant pocket detail and some subtle signature embroidered branding. This thing’s mad fire. Perfect wear for mounting a sustained assault on the family tin of Roses, while pretending to be excited by a £10 Amazon voucher.

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Grab this madness over at Haven. But, as I said, you’ll need to forget grandiose gifts for others. You’ll need all your change for the 351 quid swing-ticket on this. Yeah, and go easy on the cranberry sauce brotherman. One errant flick of a spoon and this thing’s gonna mark. Don’t be the dude in the luxe shirt, who manages to ruin it with his own sloppy eating habits. The faux sympathy you’ll have to endure from your Bro and Sis is not a good Christmas look.

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