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When I go outside in an outside shirt, I have to remember to take an inside shirt with me

How many times are you wearing a shirt inside, but then you want to go outside? Or like, sometimes, you might be wearing a shirt during the day, but then all of a sudden it’s night – and you’re still wearing the same shirt. Thank fuck for Oliver Spencer, who’s new range ‘Lounge Lux’, is, and I quote, “for day to night, inside and outside living.

I’ve often found myself wearing a shirt outside that’s totally unsuitable for inside wear. But as all my other shirts are inside, I can’t even go inside to change it. So, when I go outside in an outside shirt, I have to remember to take an inside shirt with me. You know, in a Tesco bag or something. And then find somewhere to get changed into my inside shirt before I unlock the door back at home, which isn’t easy. And the shirt in the carrier always gets creased anyway. It sometimes feels like a bit of a waste of time.


Anyway, all that is over now. I just need to exclusively wear the Lounge Lux range and I can go in and out, day or night at will.

This piece is rather lumpenly called a Lux Shirt Mill Wash Navy. And, if I’m honest, I’m not sure what precisely it is about it that warrants such grand, universally wearable claims. I mean, it boasts soft drill cotton, hand warmer pockets and oversized buttons. Plus it’s got a half-moon construction, so the collar lies flat, giving a casual vibe. There’s also that brilliant little button loop – a very Spencer style detail – that totally makes it in my view. All great details. But why does that make it so universally wearable?

oliver_spencer_lux_shirt_ossmp11_milwash_navy_4__1 oliver_spencer_lux_shirt_ossmp11_milwash_navy_5__1

I wouldn’t go on about it so much, it’s just a bit of a coincidence. It reminds me of this hush-hush Tory tax proposal I’ve been working on. “Air – it’s for breathing in and out, either awake or asleep.

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