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You’re almost certainly always wrong


I overheard a bloke in the lift misquote Nathan Barley this morning.

Hahahah, like, completely Mexican, hahahahah“, he said. I looked at the floor.

It’s easy to get things wrong. I mean, I don’t. Never. I never, ever get things wrong. Unless, I’m bored. Occasionally, I do something deliberately wrong, you know, to catch the rest of the world out. Just to see if they’re paying attenshun.

These shoes are doing nothing wrong. I’ve been looking for a loafer with a flat, chunky sole for a long time. These are about the most not wrong versions I’ve seen. Or the rightest, if you’d rather.


Most chunky tread loafers I’ve seen, and it’s not a lot, seem to come from high-end, fash-fash houses. You know, nuclear-priced, wispy Italian leather (totally unsuitable for the UK’s climate), gaudy-detail and designed by an old queen in Sardinia, in between seaweed firming treatments, flagons of fizz and pool-boy buggery.

osf6_zig_zag_loafer_burgundy-4669_1 osf6_zig_zag_loafer_burgundy-4640_1

These however, are by good old Oliver Spencer. Called the Zig Zag loafer; the onboard features include, grain leather upper, boat shoe-style tassel and lacing and a toothsome tread, like the mouth-parts of a fucking monstersaurus.

I’m all about this life. And at 219 coins, they’re not unreasonable. If you’re me, you can order them here, right now.  Or here, wrong now, for everyone else.



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