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A massive waste of your time


So, Bike Repair Shop is a sub-brand of massive South Korean fashion empire BeanPole. You know BeanPole. Surely? Remember? It’s that brand you’ve never heard of. The one that’s sold in precisely no UK stores. Bike Repair Shop is a sub-brand of that.

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Bike Repair Shop is sold in Present. Currently though, they only seem to stock one BRS shirt, which unfortunately seems to feature an integral neckerchief. It’s a look, that in the right hands… actually fuck that, there is no right hands for that look. You’d just look like Robin Askwith’s brother in Confessions of a Window Cleaner. Suprisingly, it’s still on sale.

Either way, I’m crazy-digging this Bike Repair Shop mac thing.

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Naturally, it’s not available in local stores. Or local internets. You’d have to wrestle this garment from the spidery typography of this Japanland website. Like, what does 블루 핀체크, mean? ‘Enter the long number across the middle of the card’? And what the fuck is 후드점퍼 all about? It’s like a foreign language or something. Why don’t they make websites with words on like everyone else?


I’d like to tell you about this jacket, but I haven’t a clue. It’s got arms. No question. And front bits. And a hood. But as far as I can make out, it’s made of 게가 가벼워 일, it’s got 옷감이 손상될 수 있습니다, a 후드점퍼 and a couple of 있으므로. Oh and there is a serious warning, don’t get any water on it, EVER, or you’ll find yourself 색상이 서로 up to your knees in 손상될.


The good news is it’s on sale. The other good news, that isn’t as good as the previous good news, and so probably more accurately, and for the sake of using familiar, snappy, roll off the tongue language, should have been termed ‘bad’ news is, it’s four hundred and eighty five pounds and forty eight pence. Or £485.48, if you prefer.

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You’re probably not in the mood to spend £485.48 on a coat. And even, if you liked this one that much (which to be fair is unlikely, even I don’t think it looks worth that) you’d never buy it from a site covered in 상될 수 있. Unless you can speak 색상이. Which I hope you can’t. Otherwise, it’ll be painfully clear I’m just cutting and pasting random bits of Japanchat.

So, I guess, this was really just a massive waste of everyone’s time. Do come again.

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