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Doppelhanger syndrome

does this.005

If I got this sweat for free, I reckon I’d be as excited as if someone just said we were going to Alton Towers tomorrow. Like not, fuckingjesuschrist excited. But still, reasonably pleased. Looking through the A/W drops on the regular etailers, it’s sometimes difficult to spot the killer, must cops. There’s so much stuff that looks like the stuff that came before it, like stuff you’ve already got. Beware the doppelhanger syndrome.

I don’t got a sweat with a quilted front though. There might be a good reason for this. Sure, it looks hype and all that, but how much hotter do you want your torso to be, compared to your arms? You gots naturally hot arms bro? Solid, get in line. But most people work the other way, their midsection retains heat, while their extremities get chilly. Probably I’m dropping too much science on this garm. I mean, look at this brah…

crb2206blu_01 crb2206blu_02 crb2206blu_03

He’s not worried about overly warm teats or nuffin. He just looks like the most idiotically handsome brah God ever shat. Look at his gaze. Look at his concentration. He’s engaging all his brain, to professionally wear that fucking thing. That dude is thinking about wearing and wearing because he’s thinking. He knows, one lapse in concentration and he’ll stop wearing it.


He’s gone off the charts. Shades and a rucksack in the mix. Shit dawg, that’s some executive clothes wearing right there.

I don’t think I’ve got the mental ability to wear this thing. But if any of yous are feeling more cerebrally agile, it’s by Christopher Raeburn and you can nab it at Oki-Ni. The front bit is based on 1970s military fabric apparently and his whole collection is inspired by (get this) ‘exploration’.


How many times have you read that a designer’s collection is inspired by ‘travel’ or ‘exploration’, I mean seriously… You’d think as a designer, ‘being a bit original’ is part of the job spec? Like, why not be different and base a collection on VAT receipts, or Nesquik, or physics? Or Alton Towers for that matter? I hear it’s very exciting.

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