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Taste takes a swerve


Am I a perma-tanned, eurotramp cavalier? Am I currently aboard my yacht arranging for a bus load of Columbian orphans to swallow cocaine pellets via my satellite phone? Am I, or have I at any point been, a barmaid in the Rovers Return? Sadly, it’s a no to all of the above. Which leads me to the inevitable conclusion that my taste has taken a fucking swerve. Because I really like these loafers.

These things have got a muted, green camo going on and some power-contrast with the tan tassel and trim.


And check the rubber sole. It’s all sorts of louche. I’m seriously feeling like I need to get on the end of these. I’ve got a weakness for loafers and these would bomb with cuffed chinos and a popover. Thing is, I’ve got it in my head that the kind of bro that should be rocking these, would be comfortable carrying a handbag. They’re dangerously on the ‘trying too hard’ line. But, you know, sometimes lines have to be crossed. I mean, not all the time, I’m not advocating genocide. I just mean, oh fuck me, it’s just a pair of loafers…


They’re by Axel Arigato, which is a new brand to me. And they come in at a totally reasonable 165 Europeans – which for the once-proud English is 130 pounds and 50 new UK pences. For the pattern averse, they also come in navy…

indigo indigo3 indigo2

And then there’s these…

blue-camo-3 blue-camo-1 blue-camo-2

Too far? Far be it for me to dissuade a brother from sartorial exploration. But remember, you fuck with these and you’re heading for a 90’s Stallone movie bad guy look. Baby, I’m not saying don’t try it. Just remember to accessorise properly – a clown-sized silk suit, a crocodile on a chain, and always laugh demonically at your own idiotic puns.

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