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“Make that bit tan and that bit brown”


If I was at Estate Shibuya 2F 1-17-4 Shibuya, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo, right now, I still wouldn’t buy these shoes. They’re by Nepenthes. And that address? That’s where Nepenthes is. That’s where these shoes are. I’m not there. I’m here. You don’t need to know precisely where I am. But if you were to tap up Betfred and put money on me not being there, you’d win. Never say I don’t do nothing for you.


Thing is, these shoes might be branded Nepenthes, but they’re made by Tricker’s. Tricker’s are in Northampton. In the UK of England. That means, from a transportational perspective, they probably came past me, to get to Tokyo. If I had supernatural foresight, the ability to fly or run really fast and could become intangible at will, I could have stolen them from the lorry. Unfortunately, I was halfway through developing just those abilities when they popped up online.

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Outside of direct theft – which as an individual in the process of fostering superhuman abilities, I can’t really condone – I’m never going to actually buy these. I mean, I know regular Tricker’s are pricey, they are after all superbly made. But choosing a bit of tan leather and a bit of brown leather to bonk-bonk them up a bit, as the Nepenthes crew seem to have done – what’s the extra cost of that? Well, a standard Commando soled Keswick will set you back 360 over at End. While, the Nepenthes Tricker’s roll in at ¥79,000. Which is 453.98 in Britland notes. So, the Nepenthes brainhub wallet an easy £93.98 for saying, “make that bit tan and that bit brown.”

Shit. I need a job like that. And once I’ve mastered this supernatural foresight I’m working on, I’ll know if I ever get one.



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