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The contents of a wizard’s salad crisper


This thing’s preloaded with all the fashionablenesses. Count em up. It’s made of ripstop cotton. It’s a popover. It’s got pouch pockets. It’s got another little pocket on the pouchy bit. It’s got buttons for keeping your rolled up sleeves on lock. Damn dogg, could a shirt be any more on point?

Fashionablenesses move crazy quick. But I think, as I’m typing this right now, it’s the only shirt of any relevance on the planet. In all literalness, this is best shirt a bro could wear at this very moment. Are you wearing one? Are you? No? Shit brah, take a serious look at yourself. Look at yourself, in the mirror. See that fucking peenlord staring back at you? That’s you. I hope you’re proud. Now, if you wouldn’t mind reading on please, I wants your traffic.


This thing’s by Cottonopolis, which is Oi Polloi’s in-house brand. It also comes in Olive Drab and Putty Sage, which sound like the contents of a wizard’s salad crisper, but in fact refer to green and lighter green.



For 95 quid, it’s well priced for the amount of detail and quality. It’s really good to see a store designing garments as smartly and beautifully as the ‘name’ brands they stock. It’s enough to make me attempt, yet again, to successfully wear shirts hanging out. Outside of Ts and polo shirts, I’m pretty much a 100%  tuck-in kind of bro. If I wear a shirt hanging out, I often feel under-dressed, or scruffy, or just uncomfortable. Maybe I’ve never had the right shirts? I think I need to buy this now and work on my untucked thing. Perhaps then, I won’t see such a wang staring back from the mirror at me.

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