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Sasquatchfabrix: Where are all the dressers hiding?

Do you miss people watching? For most it’s an entirely innocuous act. For the style-minded it’s almost vampiric. Gawping at well dressed people is nourishment. Some dude in camo trousers and two-tone loafers. Eye-fucking someone’s Junya parka. Give me a buzzy metropolitan environment, a decent sidewalk perch and an empty diary and I’m digging in for the day. Keep the lattes coming.

Of course, that was then. Now it’s just a daily lap round the block to dust the cobwebs from my knees. And frankly, the stylistic optics are bargain bin. I don’t know where all the dressers are hiding in Peckham right now, but the people I see on my walks appear to have given up. Bedraggled fleeces, snotty looking beanies, trouser hems dragging in puddles… It’s a Ken Loach reboot of Zombie Flesh Eaters.

The worst is women wearing those black, body-conscious, padded jackets. Semi-athleisure, semi-practical, entirely appalling  —  the sort of thing that sighs off the production line at Sweaty Betty or Lululemon. These are garments so poisonously mediocre, so numbingly ubiquitous that I genuinely believe they’re bad for our mental health. Unfortunately my streets are rotten with them.

What’s needed is something to reanimate the mind. A short, sharp slap across the medulla, to remind us that the world of clothing hasn’t completely regressed to levels of a Debenhams yard sale. Enter this new offering from Sasquatchfabrix. Potent of print and courageous of collar, this is your antidote to the nation’s sartorial borgasm.

Sort of a shirt, but kind of a jacket  — and look at those colours, straight-up savagery. No one’s going to miss you in this. The ribbed hem is inspired and those crisp popper buttons (why are the Japanese so damn good at using those?) keep this bowling shirt style the right side of modern. It certainly feels like a new direction for Sasquatchfabrix. The brand’s typical funereal gloom has gone, replaced by a thermonuclear intravenous of geometrics and disco theatre. Whether you like it or not, it’s certainly refreshing.

Goes without saying… new season, Sasquatchfabrix, yes, it’s a billion pounds. And no, it won’t be troubling my Solo card. But even just checking it out over at I Am Shop is a tonic. I’d love to peacock about in this while taking my daily stroll. Perfect for a walk, but far from middle-of-the-road.

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