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Digawel: Cool enough for you?

My girl frequently pulls a face. When I drop crumbs on the sofa. When I tread a single leaf in from the garden. This time it’s because of music I’m playing.

“A bit full on isn’t it?”, she says.

Secretly I’m pleased she’s noticed.

“It’s a new album called Harvest Vol-1“, I say, “on the label More Rice.”

“I see”, she says.

“It’s a collection of electronica from South Korea, the Philippines and Thailand. Pitchfork described it as ‘dancefloor weaponry’.”

“I only listen to dancefloor weaponry”, I add.

My girl frowns. Smiles. Then starts singing, “this is the rhythm of the night”, over and over again, while chasing me round the room, flicking at my bottom with a tea towel.

I don’t think she entirely appreciates how cool I am.

I expect if I tried to explain to her how cool this sweatshirt is she’d pull a face.

Thing is, I do think it’s cool. Even though there’s actually very little to say about it. It’s by Digawel, the Japanese brand formed by Kohei Nishimura in 2006. It’s cotton. And it clearly features chunky colour blocking down the sides and hem. That’s about it.

Of course the inherent subjectivity and fundamental meaninglessness of the word ‘cool’ means that me calling this cool is pointless. All I can do is explain my thinking. Firstly it’s by Digawel. A brand 99.9% of people in this country haven’t heard of and will never buy. Which is niche enough for me. And secondly (if you’ll excuse the artistic jargon) I like the colours. Grey and Colman’s mustard. You don’t see that often.

If you agree with me, you can grab this for a pretty reasonable £139 over at Coverchord. It’s cool dammit. Simple and just the right amount of unusual. Ideal for the kind of guy who wants to be able to talk about Taiwanese electronica without getting attacked with a tea towel.

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