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Fennica x orSlow: The gateway to a risqué lifestyle

I don’t wear jeans. I realised this back in July while looking at some jeans by Fennica x orSlow. Or at least, I don’t wear jeans in the truest sense, nothing that looks like what people think jeans should look like. I’ve got baggy cargo-style trousers in a lightweight denim. I’ve got denim ‘trousers’, with the kind of ample pleating you’d find on 80’s business slacks. But nothing that looks like a 501.

Mostly I wear trousers in cotton or wool. My daily goal is to look like a cross between a creative polymath and a quietly subversive lover. And I tend to feel trousers, rather than jeans, are effective in getting this point across.

So where does this leave denim jackets like the one pictured? Well the truth is, I don’t much wear them either. I have a complicated Engineered Garments number, with all manner of flaps, straps and pockets, a bit of corduroy here, some red stitching there. But I fell out of love with it. My girl now wears it to do the gardening.

But maybe I’m missing something? Maybe my adherence to ‘smart’ is starting to overshadow the animal in me? Perhaps my ‘quietly subversive lover’ is struggling to be heard?

Denim’s supposed to be sexy right? I mean, behind leather, lace and (presumably) latex, it can be a bit steamy? That ‘Diet Coke break’ dude seemed to do alright. And (while I’m ashamed to say I haven’t actually seen it) I bet Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man weren’t short of feminine attention. In Every Which Way But Loose a denim-clad Clint Eastwood even managed to pull an orangutan.

This jacket is again a collaboration between Fennica x orSlow. While based on a vintage US Navy ‘Harbour Jacket’, this version has removed the hood and added buttons all the way down — the original was a pop-over. According to Fennica this means it’s, “easier to use in town.” (Easier to pop open to show an erotic glimpse of alabaster chest more like.) There’s also a drawcord hem and the stand-up collar offers a slice of eastern formality.

I’m starting to feel this could be my gateway to a less buttoned-up, slightly more risqué lifestyle. I could be a libertine; immoral, sensual and frighteningly magnetic. A swaggering vision in flapping denim, simultaneously charging my glass, my phone and the hearts of anyone foolish enough to enter my sphere. Although, in fairness, that does sound quite tiring. Besides, there’s a Vera on tonight and I’ve got a fresh tub of Millionaire Mini Bites in.

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