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Dr Collectors and the tale of the obvious weed pocket

Over to London’s Clutch Cafe for this tee from Dr Collectors. The label is created and run by revered denim collector and indigo authority Olivier Grasset; read all about him, his brand, processes and ethos over here. We’ll focus on this shirt. Called the ‘Weed’ shirt, it draws on army issue shirts of the 80s, delivering a boxy, wide fit as well as a thick-banded collar. Simple right? Yep, and admittedly this is far from the poke-your-eyes-out pieces we frequently spotlight here. But, a bro’s got to have basics too, especially ones to help combat this long weekend’s needling heat.

There’s a beautiful indigo over-dyed colour at work here, achieved by hand, in Grasset’s LA home. Then you’ve got a dropped hem at the back, always a neat detail in my book. The two pockets are the key though. Both rendered in ripstop cotton, you’ve got a chunky flapped patch at the chest and a camo print patch at the side. The latter one assumes is the ‘weed’ pocket. If I’m right, Grasset needs to watch more procedural police dramas. A stash pocket tucked around the side might have confounded the cops in the 80s, but today I’m pretty sure Vera, or even that pair of duffers on Midsomer Murders would see straight through it.

Dr Collectors is all made and sourced in the US, they’ve also got a store called Trading Post, if you happen to find yourself over on LA’s La Brea Avenue. For us Englandists, Clutch Cafe is the best destination to check out the brand. It’s a store I only visited for the first time last week. Which keeping in mind this site is over five years old, and my proximity to the store is about 20 minutes on the tube, tends to place a question mark over my position as an arbiter of contemporary menswear.

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