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Throttle yourself at both ends and lock in a draft-free bubble of warm

Pointing out the frigidity of the weather is perhaps the laziest and most redundant angle I could reach for. Still, this week I returned from a week in shiny and snug San Francisco to the thorny grey of 3 °C London. I noticed immediately that my airy west coast uniform of summer weight Engineered Garments offered scant defence against the ruthless spears of cold. Indeed I was quickly in some physical pain. Obviously a change of sartorial strategy was in order.

Wrong. On Friday I chose to attend the Golden Joysticks video games awards at the cavernous and frankly Siberian O2 Arena sporting yet another get up of light summer cottons. On the plus side, I received a number of extremely flattering remarks about my outfit. On the downside, I suspect one of my testicles has retreated inside my body.


All this talk of chill has little to do with this piece from OAMC. Although thinking about it, it does feature drawstrings at both the hem and the collar. So you could throttle yourself at both ends and lock in a draft-free bubble of warm.

oam0126009_nav_02 oam0126009_nav_03

No doubt there are more toasty choices out there, but from a stylistic perspective, this is quite the banger. Love the silver hardware detail and the fact that it’s called a ‘shirt’, when it could probably pass for a light jacket. I thought, when I first glanced this over on LNCC, that it was constructed from manmade fibres. You know, some techno fabric that breathes, but in truth locks heat in more effectively than cotton. I was wrong. It’s 100% cotton. So it’s probably not especially warm at all. This ‘cold weather angle’ is looking lazier by the second.

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