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The phrase ‘casual shoes’ is an abhorrence

Yeah, I know. These feel a bit heritage. Aren’t we supposed to have moved on from that? Well, I tend to think stuff that draws from the past, but, crucially, adds something of the now is worth a look. And this berserko, low-cut, white suede version of Yuketen’s Maine Guide Boot totally make the cut. While the phrase ‘casual shoes’ is an abhorrence, you can’t avoid the fact that these are casual shoes. And I like casual shoes. I need elements of smartness in my rigouts – I can’t do sneakers, jeans and a sweatshirt for instance – I’d look like I like football and I don’t know what football is. Shoes like these add an element of dressiness, without going full-bore, shiny-shoed, Stoke-on-Trent party boy. Does any of this make any sense?


Suede is a lot more resilient to wear than people think, so there’s no problem with the white for me. Just blitz them with protector on the reg and they’ll look sharp for years.

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At £469, they’re a purchase for the committed clothesman. A man with the kind of disposable he’s comfortable disposing on these. The kind of man who appreciates Yuketen’s commitment to beautiful handmade goods. The kind of man who can intellectually draw a line of form and function from these white Yuketens, back to the white shoes worn by Sonny Crocket in the 80s.

Jesus. I know. Again with the Miami Vice.

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