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Suspiciously like jim-jams


I have always been fascinated by the idea of trying to live in a park. You’ve seen those parks that have lakes and a big island in the middle? In there. On the island. Screened from everyone by bushes and sticks and grass and that. I am curious whether I could exist in there, undiscovered. Just coming out at night, leaping around like an agile beast, collecting food before, shadowlike, silently, gliding back to my camp. I would exist in a hinterland, somewhere between urban life and raw nature. Hidden from visitors, groundsmen and security. I’d be half man, half… well, man actually. I’d be a whole man. I’d just be living in a park. I reckon it’d be pretty cool.

I am also fascinated by travel clothes. Digital fashion retail is agog with an increasing amount of stuff, marketed specifically as clothing to travel about in – wardrobes for flying, setting sail, or whining from the back of the car that you’ve just passed the turning for the Toby Carvery.


Thing is, travel is not swimming, or fencing, or going to sleep, or re-spraying a Volvo, or being a caricature of a 1970s American pimp. Travel usually involves sitting still for a bit. It doesn’t need a change of clothes.

I also wonder about the kind of person who can afford to have a wardrobe solely for travel. I want to know, if they use these ‘travel pieces’ on any other occasions? Or do they stay in the closet, waiting, until travel happens? How quickly after concluding travel must the items be removed? Equally, if one was taking a quick ‘travel’ to the corner shop for some Wotsits, would one have to get changed first?

I don’t know. And as much as I’ve given the impression I care, I don’t. It was just some preamble before saying, look at this travel suit.

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It’s by Nanamcia. It looks suspiciously like jim-jams. The trousers and jacket are sold separately, but I feel it looks the bomb worn together. If you’re going to take that slumberwear vibe into the working day, go all in I say. You can grab these fetching pieces of stripy, 100% cotton over at Digital Mountain. Although, you might want to quickly learn Japanese, or at the very least, power-up your Google Translate. Even with the almighty internet decoding for me, phrases like the following are common.

“You can then receive it rounded to the pocket on the inside, to carry in the compact.”

I think that means it folds up.

“It is easy to match with a neat silhouette, It is one piece of a refreshing atmosphere.”

I have no idea what this means. And I’m now fascinated to know what the missing piece of the “refreshing atmosphere” is?

Life would be much less confusing living in a park.

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