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Trying to escape the dome


In #menswear circles there’s a lot of natter about popovers. Thems being a shirt, on which the buttons don’t reach the hem – necessitating an over-the-head dressing policy.

I strongly believe this culling of buttons is the next natural step in the evolution of clothes. We’ve got to lose the buttons people. We’re already 15 years behind the flared jumpsuits of Space 1999. We must now set our sights on the Sandmens’ tights and tabard look from Logan’s Run. We’ve got 260 years to make it happen.


To the layman, this probably looks a bit like a shirt with a couple less buttons than normal. So let’s ignore the scientific fact that this is a stepping stone to us all wearing identical, swimsuits with foil capes, Holodeck piss parties and getting leathered with tripple-knockered Martian chicks down the disco.

Truth is, right now, boxy, popovers have some heat around them and this is one of the best I’ve seen. It just dropped over at Albam. And they’re asking 79 quid, which is solid value in anyone’s galaxy.


These come in white or a white and blue mix (above). I’m double-down with the dark buttons on the bluey one. Made from English cloth, with a front placket and Corozo Nut buttons, they also look like they’ve got reinforced stitching on the elbows.


I haven’t seen anything in Albam to set me alight for a while. But I do like that with these shirts at least, the brand seems to be reacting to styles in the ascendancy and getting them out quickly, rather than filling my inbox with reminders that I can get a plain T-shirt for 45 quid.

Is it me, or have Albam’s prices shot up in the last three years? You’ll probably want to get one of these now. Fuck knows how much they’ll cost by the time you can legally shoot someone for trying to escape the dome?



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