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Needles x NOMA t.d. – a commitment from wallet and courage

Avid Nepenthes-heads will have clocked this Needles x NOMA t.d collaboration doing the rounds on social. With chore jacket stylings, big flowers and a velveteen finish, this thing is beyond the reach of the average mortal, demanding equal commitment from both wallet and courage. Basically, there’s no way you won’t get noticed-to-fuck in this.

I mean, sure, you could try and dress it down a bit with a standard mix of plain navy separates. But here I don’t think even that sartorial anaesthetic will work. This jacket goes hard or goes home. It says you like flowers. It says you’re unafraid of pattern. It says you’re a rattle-brained lunatic who doesn’t give a bag of soft shits what anyone thinks. Which just to be clear, is a good thing.

It’s available in power purple as well as a sort of mustardy inferno, the kind usually only seen by farmers shovelling out a cowshed. Both, it should be pointed out, are socially flammable. Your friends, enemies, neighbours and people you’ve yet to meet, all will have something to say and, depending on their aesthetic sophistication, it might not always be nice.

But balls to that. This jacket is the kind of thing you only need to buy once. In fashion there’s a lot of talk about timelessness, about insulating your purchases (and investment) from the passage of time. And the recommendations are always the same – a classic white shirt, a grey blazer, a pair of simple brogues. I go the other way. For me a jacket like this is timeless. With careful wear it’ll keep going for decades and I guarantee it’ll capture people’s attention time and time again. I say careful wear. And by that I obviously mean, look after it, it’s not a daily piece. But I also mean be careful with yourself. Don’t underestimate the scorching power of this piece. Consider using a pair of tongs to put it on.

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