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Store visit – Blue In Green

Like a cathedral for the worship of weathered denim, Blue In Green sits on 8 Greene Street in New York City’s SOHO district. The modest entrance belies a cavenous interior, rammed to the rafters with cult brands: and Wander, Goldwin, Monitaly, N. Hoolywood, Foot the Coacher, Blue Blue Japan and Kapital. A lot of Kapital. For the first time visitor, it’s a paralyzing vision of desirables.

Soundtracked by connoisseur-level jazz (Blue In Green by Miles Davis anyone?) and deploying the familiar stylistic triumvirate of painted floorboards, multitudinous house plants and retro film posters, Blue In Green is a relaxed, welcoming environment. The guys in the store were chatty and passionate, but were happy to let this goggle-eyed Brit just wander about drinking it all in.

Amongst the rarified brands visitors will also uncover a few vintage trinkets – brass wristbands, rings, beds and the like. So if you’re the kind of bro who feels awkward not buying something, there’s no pressure to bang all your holiday money away on a Kapital Ring Coat. If you’re heading to NYC, I strongly advise a visit.

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