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Beyond essentialiality


No faff. No bluster and ballyhoo. The Albam cotton blazer is a killer piece. A must have. It’s essentialiality. You’ve got one already right? What? Who are you? Literally. Who the fuck are you?

There are some menswearian objects that really deserve their place in your garmstore. And this is that. This is one of thems. At 179 bones, it’s not a giveaway. This isn’t some Uniqlo bargain rail sadness , this isn’t a Muji 80 quid special. But, I promise you, it’s worth it. Sure it’s unstructured, yes, yes it’s made of cotton and ughghgh… I know, I know, other jackets, cheaper jackets are the same as that. Durrrrrr…


But this is 100% premium cotton twill broseph! It’s chunky, not flimsy and it bolts up with the only buttons that seem to pack any worth right now, Corozo Nuts. It’s washed and hand finished and, and…


I hate sites that bark on about how a jacket can be worn with chinos or (wait for it) jeans. Like it’s some kind of news. Is it possible that there’s a bro on this planet who hasn’t heard this banality enough?  (I excuse GQ readers of course – who pay good money to be reassured of this simple fact every month.)

So, I won’t say the jeans/chinos thing about the Albam blazer. Mostly though, because it’s too limiting. You can throw one of these on with pretty much everything and because of the superb cut and the balance between the unstructured casual cotton and the ‘perceived’ social formality of a blazer, it just works.


Button it right up for a chore effect. Toss in a clashing pocket square and a kitted tie for a bit of Soho meeja spretz. Sweater under, t-shirt under, raincoat over, parka over, leather cape over, nothing under (as a treat for the little lady)… the options are limited only by your imagination. If you can imagine that.


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