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Search friendly head lines


Do I want to look like a train driver? I dunno. Maybe I do? Do you? Is locomotive chic a thing now?


When I look at pieces like this, I want to like them. Navy or grey? Check. Liking the stripes too. It’s just that the shape, it’s all a bit… “we’re sorry to announce that the 6.35 from London Bridge is delayed… we are unable to locate the driver… he’s still poncing about in the mirror admiring his hat.”

That doesn’t even make sense. I’ve crossed a familiar, reality based situation, with an absurdist universe where train drivers wear fashion headwear.

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But does this even qualify as fashion headwear? It’s from the madmen over at Beams again, so I assume it does. And the ever reliable Googs Translate tells me it’s a ‘Sweat Border Work Cap’.

I like that it exists. I just don’t know why it does. Other than to give me the opportunity to make my headline work. And on that, here’s the search bit.

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